Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A quick note on... SUBTITLES!

Having happily and avidly read Deaf Firefly's recent blog post about Subtitle Apps I was interested to check the whole idea out for myself...

So I've dowloaded on to my android phone the SubtitleDroid (it's free!) and tried it out. Amazingly, very amazingly! it works!

Now instead of being ridiculously frustrated by the lack of subtitles on downloaded films - especially Love Film - I've found a miraculous "cure" to the problem! The app works by searching your phone for any videos/films you have saved. It then produces subtitles in script form for the films which you can cleverly sync in time with the speech allowing you to (almost) effortlessly follow the dialogue...

Definetely worth checking out I think!


  1. :( I dont have an Android phone!! But I will sometime next year :)

  2. you can also download the app on to ipods and ipads and iphones :)