Friday, 30 March 2012

The Limping Chicken and NDCS Volunteering...

AHHHH... - the scream of excitement I made this morning (no hearing aids in - oops...) when I realised that my first piece of writing had gone up on the Limping Chicken Website!! Massively proud deafie sitting here. Definetely not hitting refresh every five minutes to see if anyone else has commented... ;)

Currently waiting to escape school on the last day of term to catch the train to Bristol for my first NDCS volunteering weekend; as well as a chance to catch up with fellow YABer Sophie from Northern Ireland - lucky thing has already arrived and is busy shopping!

More details about the weekend - and all our teenage antics - will be up on Monday once I've had some sleep and recovered!

PS, if you want to read my Limping Chicken article - first of many! - click HERE. And a massive thank you to Charlie Swinbourne for letting me ramble on... a lot... :)

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