Friday, 15 June 2012

Cyber Bullying... It affects deaf kids too!

Until yesterday I had never experienced anything that could be counted as "pressure" or "bullying tactics" on Facebook. I've been part of some arguments but they've always been between members of my own peer group, friends or classmates. I'd never experienced a situation where an adult was behaving in what could be called an inappropriate way and putting unwanted pressure on young deaf people - and adults too to be fair! -

It did make me realise that as well as being possibly more vulnerable to bullying by their own peers deaf young people can also be a lot more open to or at risk to pressure from adults in numerous situations - not only the obvious stereotypical sexual pressure but a whole host of things including pressure from adults trying to persuade them that their personal audiological choices are incorrect and not benefiting them, or are holding them back.

I'm very lucky - and so are my friends - that as a deaf young person I have a whole group of adults who look out for me online as such and are very quick to pounce on anything they perceive to be inappropriate. Last night I really think that without them a bad situation could have become a lot worse.
Not all deaf young people, or even hearing young people because at the end of the day cyber bullying as its called can happen to all young people! are lucky enough to have that support and friendship.

So last night when I was thinking things over I remembered the video that NDCS showed the Youth Advisory Board last year when it was first made. It shows deaf young people the dangers of cyber bullying, what to do if you're being bullied online etc... I think its a really great video for deaf young people as rather than being the normal "hearing" video with subtitles the boy in the story is a deaf teen and the storyline is more deaf specific...

So here's the video and I hope it helps raise awareness with deaf young people and adults about cyber bullying :)


  1. I cannot understand why deaf people use facebook at all. There is no privacy and abuse is rife on it. FB Itself violates privacy and sells on your private information to advertisers too, and refuses to protect the vulnerable. The only 'safe' place is OUT of facebook, indeed out of all social sites, where there is little or no effective moderation, young people should not be allowed to join, and we should be asking for parental and state proof of ages too. I am appalled at the risks many young deaf take in complete ignorance.

  2. Although I can see your point I do think that there are many benefits of social media too! particularly for deaf young people!
    Where I live its very rural and most deaf young people are the only deaf person in their area and school. Social media can be a great way to stay in contact, share ideas and organise events etc.
    I do agree that there should be some age verification on facebook as i know a number of people under 13 who use it!!
    but i think with the right care (my profile is as private as you can get!) and the right attitude facebook can be a useful networking and communication tool!

  3. Yes cyber bullying can effects anyone no matter that they are deaf or normal.
    Teen Internet Safety