Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Writing for the Buzz -Pimping My Hearing Aids And Cochlear Implants

Our group were recently given the opportunity to write for the NDCS Buzz to promote our group and give others the chance to learn about decorating the hearing aids and cochlear implants! This is what will be published...

Do you think your hearing aids or cochlear implants look dull and boring? 

Would you like to make them individual, funky and fun? 

Why not try customising them? 

By using small stickers or gems you can create a look that’s unique to you; or if you want something even funkier you can use nail foil stickers to cover the whole of you hearing aids or cochlear implants! (Don’t cover the microphones!) 

You can also use printable sticky paper to create your own designs or use Tube Riders, Skinits or Ear Gear! 

Pimp my Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants is a group set up by teenagers (with help from some parents!)  who felt that their hearing aids and implants were uncool and wanted different ways to show them off with bright colours and awesome designs! The group has grown and now has nearly 300 Facebook members who share pictures of their jazzy aids and implants or share advice about new ways to customize!

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  1. While hearing aids can be helpful for most people with hearing loss, there are some for whom hearing aids either do not help or help insufficiently. Cochlear implants have become a powerful means of providing hearing to deaf persons. Cochlear implants can be helpful and are being used by more people with severe and profound hearing loss who no longer benefit from hearing aids.