Friday, 11 May 2012

Prince Henry's Big Cake Bake

So, this week is national Deaf Awareness Week and the National Deaf Children's Society have asked families, teens, organisations and work places to help them to "raise some dough" - get it? by holding a Big Cake Bake. :)

A group of my friends and I decided that we wanted to get involved and hold our own Cake Bake at school and attempt to break cake sale fundraising records!

We got permission from our head-teacher and started to round up a group of year 12s and 13s who were willing to spend their Wednesday afternoon doing some baking - a pretty welcome break from endless revision for most of us!
In the end we had so many people willing to bake us some cake that I thought we'd never manage to get rid of it all!

As well as this I asked NDCS for some things to help us raise a bit of deaf awareness around our school and received a stack of awesome posters, pens and post it notes as well as some balloons and stickers!

My friend Emma and I had great fun running around school putting up posters to advertise our cake bake and on Thursday morning (cake bake day!) I snuck around our school sticking up posters in places where everyone would be able to see them :)

Amazingly we'd sold our first cake before the school bell had rung! To my biology and form teacher who was having some family over that evening - £5 already, result!!

At break time a group of us hurried off to the concourse to start setting up and as soon as the bell rang we had a whole crowd of sixth form, lower schoolers and teachers gathering around and wanting to buy cake!

It has to be said we had the most amazing and absolutely beautiful selection of cakes and my friends totally excelled themselves, I was so proud! 
Holly's cakes in particular were totally awesome :) 

After break a small group of us stayed on to "guard" the remaining cakes and Amy and I decided we might make a bit of money if we took some cakes up to the sixth from office and common room - we were right! Sixth form love cake!! 

At lunch-time we barely had any cake left! :) And we were feeling quite impressed with ourselves... We quickly sold most of what we had left and were only left with a few little cupcakes at the end of the day :) 

Funnily enough what people most loved was being given an NDCS sticker with every cake - and we even had people coming back and asking for stickers for their friends :) 
It was great to walk around school and see hundreds of students and teachers proudly wearing their NDCS stickers and enjoying their new pens with pull out BSL alphabets :) 

An amazing day and togther we raised a fantastic £72.42 :) definetely a record I think!!Year 12 had better repeat this next year :)

Thanks to everyone who made cakes, sold cakes and bought cakes! You were all totally brilliant :) 

Here are just a couple more pictures... 

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