Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Worcester Deaf Children's Society - Snowdome Trip

On Saturday night my friend Orrion arrived for a girly night in to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time painting nails and learning to french plait and I certainly didn't feel 19! Which was nice in the current exam stress...

The next morning we hitched a lift from Mum into Worcester to meet the WDCS Coach and head off to the Tamworth Snowdome. As Snowdome rules say she have to be over 5 to take part in the activities we were sad to leave behind a number of families who have very young children but it was great to welcome at least one new family :)

When we arrived at Snowdome everything was a bit chaotic! Try getting 30 families the correct wrist-bands for the correct activities in the correct order...

Our first event was tobaggoning for which the Snowdome use the same slope the skiers use! It's steep and bends around meaning you have to know how to use your brakes correctly!! First we had to get kitted up and then sit through the safety briefing - I should say that WDCS have been to the Snowdome at least 3 times now and every time we go we sit through the safety briefing, its a dvd played on small screen TVs and has no subtitles... Its a bit of a nightmare and means it's everyones responsibility to make sure the littlies have understood what they're doing...

I took Lauren down with me this year and having two people in your toboggan just makes it doubly scary!! The first time round I didn't have hold of the brakes properly and Lauren ended up sitting on them... Needless to say we crashed into things all the way down and hit the last slope going ridiculously fast as I tried to steer and stop us using my feet - not recommended!!
The next few goes were much safer I'm happy to report and Lauren certainly seemed to be enjoying herself as much as I was :)

After lunch our second activity was Ice-Skating which is always the teenagers favourite activity; we've all got quite good over the years and it's awesome to be able to whizz around the circle while the adults fall over and clutch the safety rail... Sounds a bit mean I know!
Everyone loved skating and as a group we taught a few of the younger ones (and older ones!) how to skate which is nice...
After a couple of hours though we were all happy to be off the ice and in the warm... Although I did feel like I'd forgotten how to walk!

There was a quick trip to starbucks before we were back on to the coach and off home :) The journey back was spent teaching our new WDCS family some basic sign language and telling them about the NDCS Family Sign Language Project which they were really excited to hear about :)

An awesome day that I'm so glad is repeated every year! Can't wait for the next one to come around... Definetely worth a trip home from University for!

If anyone's interested in WDCS we also have a new website http://www.worcdcs.org/index.html it has information, pictures and a space for our Youth Group!

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